eipiphiny Society


The aim of the eipiphiny society is to discover and implement ways to enable every child to experience MEHMEs and eipiphinies. (View/download our brochure in pdf format)

How does the eipiphiny society plan to assist as many children as possible to experience the beneficial effect of MEHMEs and eipiphinies?

We encourage all of those who have experienced MEHMEs and eipiphinies to record their experiences and openly share them on the eipiphiny wiki. Historical examples of MEHMEs and eipiphinies will also be included. The MEHMEs and eipiphinies will be analyzed in order to determine what characteristics they share in common. Once these characteristics become clear they will constitute recommended changes in our education system designed to permit every child to experience the joys of MEHMEs and eipiphinies. By so doing we hope to eliminate some of the major barriers to achieving the necessary scientific, mathematical, and stochastic literacy required for survival in an age of accelerating technological revolution.