Crop circle season arrives with a mathematical message
A 300-foot crop circle in Wiltshire, England, has been decoded as a “tantalising approximation” of Euler’s Identity. The decoding is demonstrated in an animation. The crop circle is seen in an aerial video.

The Selfish Meme, by Paul McFedries
The meme meme has spawned a rather impressive lexicon of terms.

Statistical Formulas For Programmers, by Evan Miller
The application of statistics can almost always enhance the display and interpretation of data.


Building the world's largest semantic research database - from scratch! by Victor Henning
CEO and Co-Founder Victor Henning describes Mendelay, an online research management tool.

Where Good Ideas Come From, by Steven Johnson
A talk with whiteboard drawings on the sources of innovation.

Semiotics: the study of signs, by Matt Dewey, Erin Monnie and Jesse Cordtz
A short educational animated film; an introduction to the study of semiotics.


seed media group
Media and technology company focusing on science literacy.

Lectures given by distinguished scholars and scientists at the most important and prominent events like conferences, summer schools, workshops and science promotional events from many fields of Science.