The meanings of eipiphiny

The eipiphiny is meant to be an artistic rendition and a tribute to Euler with a number of concepts added:

  • Φ2 - Φ = 1, therefore Φ2 - phi can be substituted for one in Euler's equation. This permits Φ, which has great importance to man to be included in the work of art.
  • e and i also stand for emotional intelligence, which must be in the forefront of all educational matters.
  • i also appears in the negative as a further tribute to the square root of -1.
  • The "G" inherent in the eipiphiny honors mathematicians and scientists who have made major contributions, such as Galton, Gauss, Godel. For those who are taken with the concept that God is a mathematician it can stand for God.
  • The ! mark brings to forefront the eureka experience of having an eipiphiny.
  • The word eipiphiny represents a mathematical epiphany.
  • e can stand for other things as well: Euler, euphoria, esthetics.
  • Similarly i can stand for imagination, intuition, innovation.

I would like to see the eipiphiny as a work of art represent many relevant concepts, lucky numbers, and miracles. To me e, i, Π, Φ, 0 and 1 are miracles. Where would we be today without them? I think we all are guilty of taking too much for granted and do not recognize, prize and value the miracles and gifts we have been given. I know that I'm guilty and have to keep on reminding myself. The eipiphiny is extremely valuable in this regard. It is made up of very lucky numbers, and the combination is greater than the whole so it is a good luck symbol that exceeds the value of the good luck symbols that constitute it.

     – Burke Brown