The Geometry of the Epeira's Web, by Jean-Henri Fabre
This universal geometry tells us of an Universal Geometrician, whose divine compass has measured all things. (link)

Newborns Pick Up the Beat, by Bruce Bower
A new study indicates that the brains of 2- to 3-day-old babies recognize when a rhythmic drum sequence lacks its initial beat, or downbeat. Newborns’ knack for perceiving rhythmic beats may lie at the core of not only musical ability, but also the unique communication, including baby talk, between a caretaker and a baby that sets the stage for language learning.

A Honeybee Tells Two From Three, by Susan Milius
Honeybees have some basic numerical abilities, such as using a visual sense of number to generalize from one group of pictures to another group of different pictures.


Nature by Numbers, by Cristóbal Vila
A movie inspired by numbers, geometry and nature.

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Laws of the Game: How the Principles of Nature Govern Chance, by Manfred Eigen
The unique feature of this book is the invention of a selection of games (in the format of beads on a board, with moves affected by die throws) designed to mimic aspects of science models. The point is that "dice and rules" is a good description for scientific modeling involving probability.