Depolarizing mathematics and religion, by Sarah Voss
Time after time, mathematical pursuits have intertwined with religious preoccupations. (link)

Mathematics, Ministry, and Mediation, An Interview with Sarah Voss
"Our wider social community stands now at the edge of a new way of thinking, of a paradigm shift. The root of renewal lies in our willingness to embrace mathematics as a metaphorical language."

A Q&A on Randomness and God's Providence, An Interview with Jim Bradley
It seems as if God has built something into the universe that manages randomness or that
transforms randomness into orderliness. (pdf)


Dr. Missler - Pi and Natural Log e
A Christian view of mathematical constants.

The Bible, Pi & Logarithms - Supernatural Design II
Hebrew sages contend that the design of he universe is within the scriptures.

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The Atlas of Religion, by Joanne O'Brien and Martin Palmer
The world's religions have emerged as one of the great geopolitical forces shaping our lives.